Handymen accept sex for payment

Anissa Kate
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Modèles: Jessie Volt
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This is a story about a horny handyman, every woman could have met if they ever called some guy to fix anything at their place. Most of them are not but some... have nothing against accepting sex for payment for their services. Or are they providing sex service as some extra bonus?

This guy came to Jessie Volt's place after she had closed her apartment door leaving the keys inside. Opening the lock was a matter of minutes for the experienced man, he let Jessie in, followed her and asked for two hundred bucks. That was a surprise, she didn't have so much cash with her.

- Ok, you can be nice with me, - said the handyman with a smile. - Or I call the police.

- Don't call the police, just do what you want! - said Jessie.

The man asked Jessie to turn around and lean on the table. He took her pants off and pressed his face to the blonde girl's round butt. In a minute she felt the handyman's wet tongue sliding around her anus and down to the pussy lips... To her own surprise Jessie liked the process.

See this cute blonde chick being licked and assfucked by a guy she sees the first (and probably the last) time in her life!