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Anissa Kate
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This is a story about Abbie Cat who was assfucked right on a table of the restaurant, where she'd been waiting for her new boyfriend.

Abbie is a sexy young woman - maybe not a MILF yet, but not a teen anymore. She definitely looks like a young woman who loves sex and knows how to take care of herself. Abbie had long dark hair and amazing perfectly shaped boobs (her doctor has done a great job!).

Abbie spent more than two hours sipping her drink and waiting for her new boyfriend to come.. She was hot, she was tired and she was boring. Besides, the administrator of the restaurant - quite a handsome asian guy - was very kind to her, he brought her drinks and even a dark red rose for her to spend time as good as possible waiting for her man. When it was 20 minutes left before the restaurant closed, the administrator came to warn Abbie. The upset young woman just grabbed him by the tie, pulled and kissed..

This is how that all started. Abbie gave her tight asshole to the lucky asian guy who was kind to her. She had great sex on the table of a restaurant!

What can I say.. Guys, don't be late!