Easter Bunny Assfucked

Anissa Kate

Rico Simmons was at home on the Easter eve when he heard a doorbell. It was an Easter bunny Melanie Gold who came to congratulate him from a sex toy company. Melanie was super sexy wearing rabbit ears, beautiful underwear, and just a jacket to cover her big tits in bra.

Rico, actually, didn't expect to get any gifts and looked a little incredulous but invited the sexy girl to come in. Melanie started to show different sex toys suggesting those might be good for men like Rico. That made the man nervous and angry. At last, after showing a BDSM gag and trying to bring it closer to Rico's mouth, he lost his composure.

- I am not a gay, do you understand?! I am not interested in things like that! I will show you that I am not a gay!

Rico put scared Melanie on her knees, took out his dick and made the girl suck.

- Suck it! - he shouted. - Does it taste like pussy?!

What Rico made next was fingering his Easter bunny's ass and fucking. Melanie didn't like anal sex and cried "Stop it, please, I don't like that!" but... quite soon she started to get into it... She loved being roughly fucked in her tight ass!

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